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Custom made design Turkish Diaspore Sultanite Zultanite color change ring 1.00cm

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Free DHL delivery to worldwide within 2-4 days.They will bear our pride with great pride.UNTIL SEPTEMBER 5 ... SAVE 15% IF YOU BUY AT LEAST 2 ITEMS.The people in your neighborhood will think that your jewelery is alive and magic..

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Free DHL delivery to worldwide within 2-4 days.
They will bear our pride with great pride.


The people in your neighborhood will think that your jewelery is alive and magical when they see one of those jewels on your finger, your neck, and your ear.

Turkish Diaspore (Sultanit) shows 4 colors in different lighting (light conditions).
Depending on the light the stone changes its color from yellowish, over green to various red, pink and violet colors. Sometimes, depending on the light, a mixture of 2-3 colors is produced simultaneously.

The product shown in the video belongs to a different ring model. The gem is the same stone.

Please Note: This product gemstone color differs from the picture when you get it because it is color changing gemstone.

Brand: 100% Hand crafted
Metal: sterling silver / 18k white gold plated. (All products can be coated in yellow gold or red gold.
Fine content: 925
Main: Turkish Diaspore (Sultanite)
Main color: multicolor / color change gemstone
Formats: Oval
Country of origin and region: Turkey
Sex: Women
Manufacture: Made from Sultanite gemstone on Lab
Ring size: Please contact us for the purchase
Stone size of the ring: 1.00cm x 6mm

  Our business and our company headquarters are located in this nostalgic shopping center. We produce with years of experience.
It was built 556 years ago in 1461 at the time of the Ottoman Empire.
There are 61 streets, 4400 shops, 2195 workshops, 18 fountains, 2 open market sections, 40 small hotels, 2200 hotel rooms, 12 cult sites, 12 warehouses (for Christians, Muslims and other religions), 1 school, 1 Turkish bath, 19 pumice fountains.
The Grand Bazaar is a small town of half a million people. It is the largest shopping center in the world. The Grossbasar was built as a large shopping center.
The Grand Basar has a labyrinthine structure with a closed area of ​​31 thousand square meters.


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